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Forest Park is a wonderful place to visit, any time of year. But 2020 has been a strange year. With the spread of COVID-19 there are certain precautions to take. Forest Park can still be a fun place to walk with proper social distancing.  Enjoy a few tips below for exploring it safely: 

1. Go early. If it works for your schedule, try to explore the Park first thing in the day. It is much less crowded, and you’ll have more space to roam.

2. Mind the rules of the road: Remember the asphalt, paved path is for wheels (so, bikes, strollers, skateboards, rollerblades etc.) while the gravel path is meant for walkers. You can walk on the paved path, but just remember this path is not meant for you so be aware at all times and give those on wheels the right of way.

3. Treat the paved path, especially, as if it were a street (i.e. you don’t want to stray over the line without looking both ways. As cyclists say, hold your line!)

4. During this time of social distancing—don’t be afraid to improvise and go off the beaten path. There are lovely, little trails winding through Kennedy Forest, the Successional Forest and Deer Lake Savanna areas, to name a few. If you are venturing on the River Loop, the Deer Lake Loop or the Eastern Loop in particular, these are easy detours to make.

5.  Play like you’re crepuscular (don’t know what crepuscular means? Nocturnal animals are active at night, diurnal animals are active during the day and crepuscular animals are active at dawn and dusk) and go for a walk at dusk. You may spot a few unique species and the Park is bound to be less crowded.

6. Some roads have been closed to cars in Forest Park (Government Drive from Wells Drive to Washington, Fine Arts Drive from Government to Lagoon Drive and Lagoon Drive from Fine Arts to DeBaliviere Circle, specifically) to keep people from gathering in high numbers. But these roads also open up more 6-feet apart walking space for those wanting to get some exercise. Take advantage of this opportunity if they’re vacant and free!

7. Heed the signs: Neon signs in Forest Park instruct visitors, “Six Feet Apart, Folks!” and smaller signs give instructions about social distancing. Make sure to follow the instructions so that our city stays healthy and our parks can stay open to all.

8. Be sure to enjoy your walking tour on your own or only with your housemates to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

9. Bring your camera! Forest Park is in full bloom and is the perfect spot to capture some fun, spring photos.

10. Relax! Get outside! Explore! And HAVE FUN! 

Written by Carolyn Mueller

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